Your Guide to: Soups That Don’t Suck

From garlic-packed remedies to innovative twists on classic recipes, these soups are sure to surprise you, hopefully impress you, and definitely warm your soul. Let’s dig into these magnificent bowls of soups that don’t suck:

This is what I imagine an Italian grandmother makes for lunch. This soup is warm and cozy, featuring tender broccoli, shaved parmesan, simmered to perfection. It’s rustic, hearty, and filled with the essence of Italian comfort food.

A luxurious creamy tomato base with perfect clouds of tortellini, tender pieces of chicken and vibrant kale. All you need is some shaved parmesan on top and you have yourself a bowl of pure comfort food. My most viral soup to date!

tuscan tortellini soup

Inspired by a Czech garlic soup that promises to cure any ailment, this soup is a garlic lover’s dream. Packed with the bold flavor of garlic, it’s a heartwarming bowl that brings back memories of a cozy pub in Prague I went to a few years ago.

This cozy and comforting classic is made with red onions instead of yellow onions and the result is a more complex, more deeply caramelized flavour. It’s deglazed with some red wine to deepen the flavour even further! Finally it’s topped with buttery crispy bread and lots of gruyere cheese that gets bubbly and golden under the broiler.

Savour each bite of this creamy butternut ravioli soup, generously filled with pesto and cheese-filled ravioli, lots of shaved parmesan, and some basil to top it off. It’s luxurious, playful, comforting and definitely going to warm you right up.

butternut ravioli soup

This is a feel good soup. It’s comforting, it’s flavourful, and definitely not your average “chicken noodle soup.” The caramelized lemons add such depth of flavour, the chicken is so tender, and the pearl couscous is a delightful texture. And the broth – you are going to want to get every last spoonful of this, it’s so delicious.

caramelized lemon chicken soup

A fun and nutritious choice, this alphabet soup is packed with hidden vegetables, making it a hit with both kids and adults. It’s a playful way to enjoy a variety of veggies while hunting for letters in your bowl.

hidden vegetable alphabet soup

Imagine all the flavors of a hearty lasagna transformed into a creamy, comforting soup. It’s velvety, creamy, comforting and cozy. This Creamy Chicken Lasagna soup is going to have you begging for seconds. I can’t get over how much flavour is packed into this and it’s a family favourite for sure.

creamy chicken lasagna soup